Presentation of the members

The direction is assured by Vincent Morinière.

The orchestra is composed of around thirty members distributed in the following writing desks:

  • Trumpets (Mib / C / Sib) and Clarions:
    • Axel, François, Johann, Lambert, Pierrick, Sophie, Thierry
  • Horns (Fa / Mib):
    • Aurélien, Cécile, Sébastien, Véronique
  • Bass trumpets (Mib / C / Sib) and Clarions Basses:
    • Benoît, Chloé, Jacky, Marie, Michka, Roman
  • Tubas / Euphoniums:
    • Jean-Charles, Mathias, Maxime, Timothée, Virginie
  • Percussions:
    • Anthony, Benoît, Clotilde, François,  Thomas