Presentation of the orchestra

The OCP Le Loroux is an orchestra with natural brass instruments and percussion instruments. They are called “natural brass instruments” because they don’t have valve. The instruments that are mainly part of the orchestra are bugles, trumpets and horns.

In the French History, this formation is called orchestra “batterie-fanfare” (marching band/brass band), they gave it this name after the military brass band.  The OCP is the heir of an association that was created in 1922, today, it is always creating new pieces of music, hoping to expand this genre that it the “batterie-fanfare”.

The association “l’Avenir du Loroux-Bottereau » created in 1922 expanded its formation the past ten years and created l’OCP Le Loroux (orchestra with natural brass instruments) and “la Fanfare du Coin”. This association is composed by more than thirty musicians. The two formations are rehearsing every Friday night, and 70% of the whole association are part of both musical bands.

Since 2013, the OCP Le Loroux obtained a successful image to the audience and to the professional of the music industry. It’s recognized by the Conservatoire à Rayonnement Régional de Nantes, with whom it organized eight concerts this past few years.